Saturday, October 31, 2015

Well....I think I have a lot of updating to do :)

Initially sometime last year I think it was, I decided that I would just add a blog post for each event that I was missing, including all the holidays and other things...Well I think i'm just too far behind for that so today we will start with 2014!

Soooooo over the last while a lot of things have happened. (All the pictures uploaded out of order, and well I don't want to fix them all, so things are just going to be out of order :)

The biggest thing, David Gavin was born August 21, 2014! We just love him and I think Eric likes him to :) David is so mellow and just pretty happy! 

Christmas was a ton of fun! Eric seemed to really enjoy it this time around! 

 Eric LOVES the kitchen! Even still he loves to play in the kitchen, even at nursery that's his favorite toy!
 We love Christmas lights!

 Eric loves music and of course the tv and best of all DISNEY!

 He is such a good big brother. Of course he has his moments but he sure does love his bubba.

 He is still this good at making messes!

 Sometimes he cracks me up with how much he wants to do what David is doing. 
 We got to take part in a lot of different things with the Phoenix Temple open house and then dedication and it was such a wonderful experience!
 I think this was his favorite gift he got for his birthday... And also the scariest! He sure would swing that bat!

 This kid loves to craft. Even the other day I got out some stuff to make something so he had to get his stamps out and his paper so that he could make something to. 

 We had fun in October at a pumpkin patch with all sorts of fun things! He loved the rides and of course he loved all the animals! He loves getting to pet them. 

 I don't have many great pictures of Eric in his Halloween costume...most of the time he was eating candy or refused to take a picture. 


  1. Looks like we both did some blog updating this last few weeks! Lol. We've kind of slacked off but geesh we've been busy! Love ya lots , mom

  2. Great pictures, it gets harder with each child to keep up on blogs, diarys, records, children's books etc. Just wait until you have another one, it will be once a year! But we'll take whatever you give. Love you, grandmašŸ˜Š